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Thread: [RESOLVED] runtime error 70 permission denied vb6

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    [RESOLVED] runtime error 70 permission denied vb6

    my code is

    FileCopy GetAppPath() & "TCMS.mdb", "E:\TCMS Backup\TCMS Daily Backup\" & Format$(Now, "dd") & ".mdb"

    Public Function GetAppPath() As String
    GetAppPath = IIf(Right$(App.Path, 1) = "\", App.Path, App.Path & "\")
    End Function

    i intend to take backup of my database file in a different folder in a different drive
    but am getting an error "Runtime Error 70. Permission Denied

    any body please help

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    Re: runtime error 70 permission denied vb6

    That can mean the file is currently opened by another application.
    Make sure your own app has closed all open recordsets and that no other app has its fingers in the tables.
    Close the connection if you had it open.
    Also your current user must have the rights to copy the file.

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    Re: runtime error 70 permission denied vb6

    Try running the backup BEFORE the program starts.

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