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Thread: [RESOLVED] Winsock fails after 1 hour

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    [RESOLVED] Winsock fails after 1 hour

    Hi forum,

    We have a client and Server application, connects via Winsock.

    The Setup:
    My server is running on a Windows 2003 machine and my client is running on a windows XP

    After exactly 1 hour, my client closes with the socket error param code = 10053
    My server too errors out at the following line
    result = WaitForMultipleObjects(object_count,wait_objects,FALSE,210000);

    UNFORTUNATELY : I do not have a direct access to the machine and so cant debug the same.
    The Above information I got is from our trace file

    NOTE : This is failing in only one setup. we have 1000's of people usng our product in around 100's of these setup's including 2003 , 2008 xp windows 7 etc
    This problem is only seen with one particular customer and he is able to reproduce it 100% of his time.

    Search for the param 10053 reveals many causes, So can someone elaborate why is this happening only to one customer?

    Thanks in anticipation

    1. Event log doesnt reveal anything suspicious
    2. When the customer installs the client in another windows 7 system with the server running on the same (Win 2003 system) this problem goes away.
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