C# Sendkeys Keydown HELP PLEASE!
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Thread: C# Sendkeys Keydown HELP PLEASE!

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    Arrow C# Sendkeys Keydown HELP PLEASE!

    i am sorta new to C# programming and i was wondering how to make it so when i press F1 it will use sendkeys/or type something in less than a second! (instant!)


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    Re: C# Sendkeys Keydown HELP PLEASE!

    here is the solution create button on form (add the send keys function in it) and invoke that button through coding when needed


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    Re: C# Sendkeys Keydown HELP PLEASE!

    Or you could add a KeyPressed/Down/Up event to the object that should capture the F1, and use the event arguments to check what was pressed.

    For example:
    private void yourObject_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    	if (e.KeyCode == Keys.F1)
    		// do stuff
    The more appropriated event would be KeyPressed I guess, but the eventArgs don't have a KeyCode, only KeyChar, and you can't use Keys.F1 to compare. Perhaps a simple cast would do the trick, haven't tested. Anyway, you get the general idea... =)

    Hope it helps!

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