While developing the PVS-Studio static analyzer, we always try to allow for responses and wishes of our users. This feedback lets us improve the quality of parsing of complex code, reduce the number of false alarms and add new analysis rules.

Since January 2011, we announce the new initiative of cooperation with developers of free open-source software and everyone else who is interested in the topic of C/C++/C++11 source code static analysis .

We can provide a free license for 1 month to students, authors of articles in IT subject editions and blogs. We also can provide it to such developers of free open-source software who just want their projects to be verified for the presence of the errors our analyzer can diagnose.

If you got interested in this offer, please write a letter to support@viva64.com with the subject PVS-Studio free license initiative . You may also download the trial version of PVS-Studio here.