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Thread: Layout problem with (dynamic) images

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    Layout problem with (dynamic) images

    The report is made from within visual studio 2010 (C#).
    I have to make the report which shows scores, retreived from a dataset.
    These scores should be shown in horizontal way, like the picture attached.
    This dataset has two datatables containing a parent(id,name) and a child subset (id, parent_id, score, score_expected)
    Each parent can have a max of 4 scores.
    I could draw this table as boxes in separate sections and suppress them with formulas, but I can't find a way to create the arrows(=score_expected).
    Creating this 'table' is a hell of work with formula's and not very dynamic to extend (when needed)
    I guess this is the right subforum, because I don't find any other crystal subforum.
    Does anyone know a way to solve my problem?
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    Re: Layout problem with (dynamic) images

    Have you tried a horizontal bar graph.

    Use the scores as data points and the expected as markers ?

    If you have the knowledge, flash might work.

    Just some ideas.

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    Re: Layout problem with (dynamic) images

    I didn't try a horizontal bar, but still no way to put the arrows above the rows.
    For the moment I'm trying another report engine.

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