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Thread: Boolean exercise

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    Boolean exercise

    hi every one

    I have a exercise when i going to use boolean.

    Im need to do 3 intergervaribals var1 var2 var3 and then i get same claim im going to get in to it like one of it is: The number var1 is evenly divisible by 7.

    i figuer out that i can use samthing like this.
    boolean sv = (var1%7 == 0);
    i know how to do the boolean and look if its true or not but i dont know how to use it when im going to get 3 diffrent intergervaribals

    plz can anyone show my how you type this program so i can understand it. and its only a exercise so i dont need to show it to anyone its only for my self to learn, so its no real homework that

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    Re: Boolean exercise

    Sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to do.
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