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    Scroll Listview items by text box

    At first I am totally new in VB 2008. In my project I Three textboxes and a listview. I can find the items of listview by 1st textbox change event. The codes are as given below:-

    Private Sub sealv_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles sealv.TextChanged
    	        Dim i As Integer
    	        For i = 0 To LV1.Items.Count - 1
    	            LV1.Items(i).BackColor = Color.White
    	        With LV1
    	            lst = .FindItemWithText(sealv.Text, True, 0, True)
    	            If Not lst Is Nothing Then
    	                .Items.Item(lst.Index).BackColor = Color.YellowGreen
    	                For i = 0 To LV1.Items.Count - 1
    	                    LV1.Items(i).BackColor = Color.White
    	                .Items.Item(0).BackColor = Color.YellowGreen
    	            End If
    	        End With
    	        lst = Nothing
    	    End Sub
    Now, I want to learn the followings:-
    1) How to scroll the listview items by textbox keyDown and KeyUp event.
    2) And I want to get the listview focused item in the 2nd and 3rd textbox by 1st textbox keypress event( Enter press on keyboard).

    Please help me regarding the above.
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