Im having a problem with focus hosting a winforms usercontrol within an MFC App via a CDialog.
As described in this article

The usercontrol displays correctly. When I first attempted to select an UI item within the usercontrol, the program hanged.

Within the OnInitDialog of the CDialog I changed it to return false, then it was OK.
I could interact with the controls inside the UserControl correctly.

BOOL CDialogCaseCLR::OnInitDialog()

return FALSE; // return TRUE unless you set the focus to a control
// EXCEPTION: OCX Property Pages should return FALSE

There are some context menus that bring up dialogs within the user-control when these menuitems are selected, the dialogs never display and it just hangs again like the initial problem?

Cant get my head round what is the problem and what I have to do to solve it?

Thanks in advance