Newb question. I am just begining to use C#
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Thread: Newb question. I am just begining to use C#

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    Newb question. I am just begining to use C#

    Hello guys,

    I am just starting to use C# for school. I like the program so far but I have lots to learn. I am having problems with properties. This is an assignment for school but I don't know how to do it.

    I need to know how to code the properties.
    This is the code so far:
    namespace Assignment2
    public class Student
    public Student(string n)
    Name = n;
    Record = new Transcript();
    // To do: Property implementation
    public string Name;
    public Transcript Record;
    public double GPA
    return Record.GPA;
    public int WealthPoints = 10000;
    public int PridePoints = 100;

    then I'm given a table to add some properties?
    this is what the table looks like:
    -m_record : Transcript
    -m_name : string
    -m_wealth : int = 1000
    -m_pride : int = 100
    + Student(string);
    +Name : string
    +WealthPoints : int
    +PridePoints : int
    +GPA : double
    +Record: Transcript

    Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks.

    I am using Visual C# 2010 Express

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    Re: Newb question. I am just begining to use C#

    Sometimes it makes sense to encapsulate data by making the main state of an object hidden, but accessible through properties. For example, suppose I wanted to represent a person with a name (string) and age (int). I might write:

    public class Person
        //Declare private variables; accessible only within this class
        private string name;
        private int age;
        public Person(string newName, int newAge)
   = newName;
            this.age = newAge;
        //Other classes can both get and set a Person's name
        public string Name
            //Defines a getter method; always named get
            get { return; }
            /*Define a setter method; always named set
             *The setter method will accept an argument (in this case a string)
             * that will be stored in a reserved variable (keyword) called value
            set { = value; }
        //But let's only let them get (NOT modify) age
        public int Age
            //Define the getter
            get { return; }
            //But omit the setter
    Make sense?
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