Hi I知 a student trying to write a web application on ASP.NET MVC 3.
For my Project I have to build a site viewing and manipulating sensor data stored in a SQL Database.
At the moment I知 working on the application scaffold. Inspired by the Windows Azure UI, I would like to view the accessible sensors on the home page represented by tiles.
Now comes the part I would like to ask you about:
When the user chooses a sensor by clicking on the corresponding tile I want a new tab to be created on the vertical tab strip on the left and the sensor data to be shown in the workspace-area on the right (I will take care of the database requests later). For each sensor the user chooses to view a tab should be added to the tab strip and a corresponding workspace-page should be created so that he can switch between the sensors he wants to work with. When switching between the tabs the inactive tabs should stay in their last state (with the changes the user affected). When he terminates the work on a sensor he should be able to close the workspace and the tab should be eliminated from the tab strip.
Searching the web there are different proposals how to realize a comparable UI using jquery or iframes or not and so on. But since I知 not very experienced I don稚 really know how to decide.
Could you please tell me how in your opinion I can realize this in a simple way?
Thanks a lot!