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    [RESOLVED] Simple question - mem addresses

    Hello everyone - just registered and thought someone might be able to explain something to me.
    I'm back in school which I should have ten years ago but I'm finishing what I didn't. Fun so far.

    In the 2nd quarter of programming and we are learning c++. 1st quarter was a breeze. 2nd quarter has killed me getting in to pointers, templates, exception handling (that was easy), classes, etc. The more powerful tools of the language.

    Right now I am screwing around to teach myself the next weeks readings. Linked lists.

    I'll get it but here is what I am questioning.

    If you look at the attached code I thought if I made head a pointer, made current a pointer, both pointing to the same stucture that when I checked the memory address, they would both be the same but they are not.

    Now maybe I have been up to late and not doing something right (obviously I am not).

    address of head is 0x28ff44
    address of current is 0x28ff40
    (addresses in my system obviously)

    I thought that since both head and current are pointers to the same thing the address would be the same.

    This is not a school assigment. I like to write little scripts to sort of see how things work, I seem to understand things better this way. Play around.

    PS - Thank you and not sure if we are to past code on the forum so I did the attached file.
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