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    Settlers of Catan Java Applet won't load

    Hi guys,

    Right off the bat - I have ZERO java knowledge Did some programming some years back, but bye now it's all long gone. What I'm trying to do is load a java applet to play Settlers of Catan board game. The applet is publicly available and ppl play it just fine AFAIK, but I'm a retard and can't

    The project is available here - JSettlers2 - Java Settlers of Catan | Free Games software downloads at SourceForge.net

    The instructions are for monkeys - start the server first, then run the client and, if a friend wants to connect to your server, he just needs to know your IP and port number (using the client). But somehow I can't start the server. When I run the dedicated jar file (JSettlersServer), it just.. doesn't do ****. No error messages, no window, no nothing. When I try to load it via command line, I get the following message - "JDBC driver is unavailable: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" and it just hangs there, I have to break it with CTRL+C. Friends trying to connect get the same message - Server is unavailable, connection refused.

    One more thing - I do NOT want nor need a mysql server. According to the instructions, I don't really need it if I don't want to maintain a user db, which I don't. However, I do have PostgreSQL 8.4 installed on my machine.

    Anyone has any ideas how I can start this thing?


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    Re: Settlers of Catan Java Applet won't load

    usually we do not allow downloads from other servers: you should add sources as a zip to your post.
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    Re: Settlers of Catan Java Applet won't load

    Do any help files come with the download?

    There may be a properties file which you can edit to remove the requirement for the driver to be loaded. Failing that just download the MySQL JDBC driver and add it to the same directory as the game jar.
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