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Thread: Complexity Evaluation

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    Complexity Evaluation

    What is the complexity of the below code? I could not not frame the recurrence leading to the code,it will be helpful if you guys please get me atleast the method to structure its recurrence:
    Here it goes:

    int f(n)
    return 1;
    for( i=n; i>1; i-- )
    r=r + f( i / 3 );
    return r;

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    Re: Complexity Evaluation

    A bit late, but the key insight is that you can express the solution as a recurrence relationship. Namely the complexity for some value of n (let's call it C(n)) is:

    C(n) = n * C(n/3) subject to C(1) = 1

    This is because the loop runs n times with worst-case complexity of C(n/3) per iteration.

    Actually this is an overestimate. The real complexity relationship is:

    C(n) = Sum[ C(i/3) ] for i in [1, n]

    but this will be a pain to deal with. The overestimate will be reasonable.
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