Can I use CMFCTabCtrl in a dialog?
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Thread: Can I use CMFCTabCtrl in a dialog?

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    Can I use CMFCTabCtrl in a dialog?

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to use CMFCTabCtrl in a dialog??

    Many thanks!!

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    Re: Can I use CMFCTabCtrl in a dialog?

    I guess, it is.
    Call CMFCTabCtrl::Create or
    1. in resource editor, add a tab control in dialog template;
    2. right click on the control and add a variable;
    3. go to source code and change "CTabCtrl" to "CMFCTabCtrl".

    Generally, instead of use tab controls in dialogs, it's much more easier to make property sheets.
    See CMFCPropertySheet/CMFCPropertyPage or CPropertySheet/CPropertyPage.
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