Hey guys. i am trying to implement a custom tab control in my win32 application. My requirement is to keep the width of the tab item constant, and if number of tab items exceeds the display window width, i slide the tabs out of the window (and hence out of the view) to make space in the window for this new tab. If the user wishes to access the previous tabs, a simple click on the first visible tab in that window will slide the pushed-out tabs into focus.

Now i am trying to implement this functionality with the help of a scroll bar control. My problem: I cant actually show a scroll bar or buttons for scrolling. All the above mentioned scrolling needs to be done through simple mouse clicks on the tab item. Is there anyway i can implement the scrolling and have some kind of invisible scroll bars? I have searched allot and still haven't found a satisfactory answer to this question. I am also exploring the option of manually changing the viewport of windows through SetViewportExtEx() and displaying the out-of-bounds tab items.

I am a newbie at this kind of programming, so please bear with me. Any kind of pointer or suggestion in this matter would be highly helpful.