I have an ArrayList of 52 card ImageIcons. I then use Collections.shuffle to randomize the cards. I want to put this ArrayList into individual JLabels to display in the JPanel.

I cant seem to figure out how to put the ArrayList into JLabels. Is this possible or is there a better method for GUI instead of JFrame like paint() method?

I will post the snippet of code below.

          ImageIcon[] cards = new ImageIcon[53];
           ArrayList<ImageIcon> cardArray = new ArrayList<ImageIcon>();
           for(int b=0; b<cards.length; b++) {
           cards[b]=new ImageIcon("C:/NetBeansProjects/BiddingTool/src/biddingtool/cards/"+b+".gif");



           List northlist = cardArray.subList(0,13); 

           frame2.add(northcards, BorderLayout.NORTH);

           for (int i=0; i<north.length; i++) {             
               northcards.add(new JLabel());
I have tried putting cardArray in the JLabel but that doesnt work. I have scoured this site and others trying to find any answer but to no avail. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.