Hi there, in my app, I want to allow user to change the style of the individual WPF element, say Button, Label etc and when it is changed, the app should show the modified style for that element. Additionally, I want to load these modifiable elements as the user chooses to modify.
For eg. consider there is a listbox listing all the style modifiable UI elements.

When user selects MyStyleButton, the app should show the button with last customized style. Then the user should be able to customize the look and feel say color using the color picker.

When the user opens the app next time, he should see the changes color.

The same can be though of if the user selects say MyStyleLabel from listbox, and changes the porperty say Font. So how should I load the desired Label, how should I store the changed style values?

Also how can I load those customization UI, like ColorPicker given say I have stored "Color" in the Tag property of the button and "Font" for label.

Please help. I have started learning WPF. So I am not a Pro in WPF, but good at C#.NET, ASP.NET and ADO.NET. I didnt got reply on msdn. I am in hurry for project. So pleaseeeeeeee help. Thank you.