Dear Sir,

I got too many suggestion but none of this suitable for me. I am now giving details for my Problem.
try to understand sir...

I have a form which contains one listview control and one datagridview control..ok..

my purpose is when the form(PO) is being loaded then listview control filled with some orderno and order date as per client select which comes in combo box.
suppose a client has given 10 orders then it will come up in listview control 10 times in different order no and different order date..ok..
but i want when i select one order no then the contain(items) of the selected order no will be displayed in datagridview(dgv) control with using datasource property. now if select another order no then 1st selected orderno's contain being replaced by next selected orderno. here is the problem..
I want both of selected orderno's contain should be displayed in dgv control. there means it's not adding new contian in dgv.

i am filling the data source with using table..

it's possible through itteration but don't want this..

if it's possible please just give me a sample copy..

tahnks & regards

Debasis Bag