Hi guys.

I just started to learn C# and having a lot of fun with it. Currently i am working on a program for a gym. it's a simple windows form app that keep track of comings in gym and some statistic (with a mdf database)

recently my friend asked me to implement a barcode scanner, and i thought no big deal. So i purchased ps2 barcode scanner (that returns strings like keyboard) and its very easy to read the data and get the wanted string from barcode.

but my question is this: when a scanner reads some code (like 38503085 <-barcode) how do i trigger an event (something similar to KeyPress but actually this is a string).

so i use these codes (from barcode scanner) as an ID for a member and when i read a certain barcode i want that member to be displayed in form. (i dont want to make a textbox, focus it, get the barcode string there and press enter)

i hope you can help me and for sure i will be tracking this form and help you guys with my knowledge