On 9th March, E-iceblue team published new Spire.Doc release version 4.2. Before this release version, E-iceblue published several hot fix versions of version 4.1 to add new helpful features and fix bugs. In order to meet more customers’ requirements, E-iceblue determined to publish a more stable version, which includes all functions of the last release version. Also, there is a new feature added in Version 4.2.

New Feature:

When converting Word document to PDF, users can set image quality through adding Document.JPEGQuality.

This new feature enables users to customize image quality, including resolution, compressibility and so on. It solves problems that image in Word document will be fogged after converting to PDF.

Download Spire.Doc Version 4.2. Please click here.

Spire.Doc Main Function:

Spire.Doc is one .NET and Silverlight component to operate MS Word document without automation, including basic operation, inserting contents and conversion.

• Basic Operation - .NET and Silverlight
Spire.Doc enables users to create, open, read and edit Word document. About editing, users can add text and paragraph in Word and format style, including font style and paragraph style. Besides, users can set Word properties, encrypt/decrypt Word and realize mail merge function via Spire.Doc.

• Insert Content - .NET and Silverlight
Spire.Doc enables users to insert image, table, comment, hyperlink, bookmark, header/footer, watermark, page break, and other eternal contents in Word.

• Conversion - Only .NET
Spire.Doc enables users to convert files from Word to other formats, such as , Doc to HTML, PDF, XML, RTF, Docx, Dot, ePub etc. Besides, other files can be converted to Word with Spire.Doc, such as HTML to Doc, XML to Doc, RTF to Doc, Text to Doc, Docx to Doc, Dot to Doc etc.

More about Spire.Doc for .NET: