Hi again. I'm trying to add functionallity to my app, but given that some users might be interested in some stuff and others in other stuff, it would seem to point to plugins.

My question is, how do I make my app fully plugin independant, but still capable of performing the plugin's tasks?

To give an example:
I have an app that measures data, shows it on screen, then stores it in a SQL database. One particular user wants that data also sent to their Oracle software. So, what we do now, is have an "Oracle enabled" checkbox in our settings panel that will allow the "service" to perform or not.
Some users don't need this, and I'd like to have this as a plugin. The problem is, how can I let my app know that there exists a plugin that will require information sent to to be able to perform its tasks? I would have to either pre-write methods on my main app to consider this, or have some way to add the code dinamically. The first would require that I know exactly what plugins are available to handle any of them if installed. The second sounds complicated =)

Any suggestions apreciated!