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    Multiple Runtime RAMDISKs on Windows

    This is my first post on CodeGuru, so please forgive me my lack of knowledge.

    I'm writing an application which assists with recording of video sequences. (simplifying - taking picture every X ms).
    The main problem is Harddrive speed. I need to create RAMDISK for every single camera connected to the PC.
    1. Run the application, create and initialize ramdisk (user defined size, drive letter?)
    2. Application loop. (saving pictures to ramdisk)
    3. Cleanup and delete ramdisk.

    Is it possible to create RAMDISKs (multiple - for purpose of multiple application instances) during application runtime? How to do that in C++ ?
    Did anyone wrote similar application? I mean dynamical RAMDISK during application runtime?

    The application uses MFC - I know about CMemFile, but I don't want to use it, neither third party software.

    I only need fast and public data directory.
    Is writing a driver the only solution? Is it really that hard? Could someone direct me ?

    - Dawid S.

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    Re: Multiple Runtime RAMDISKs on Windows

    I have no experience in this but if you google for 'free ramdisk windows' you get quite a lot of alternatives. Why not check what they support?
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