I'm developing a setup application in Visual Studio 2010 (.msi package). I'm trying to add launch conditions based on the OS:

If Windows 2003, check if .Net Framework 2.0 is installed;
if Windows 2008 or above, check if UAC is enabled.

Both can be done accessing the following registry values:

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v2.0.50727\Install

So far, so good. Therefore, when I try to add the following condition, it doesn't work:

(VersionNT=502 And NETVER='1') Or (VersionNT>=600 And UACSTATUS='0')

I think it does not recognize the brackets, because I tried a single condition with it and it didn't work. It's strange, because there's an expression at this article: http://etutorials.org/Programming/Ma...ch+Conditions/ with brackets (go down to "Detecting Windows Versions")

Can somebody help me on this?