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    Adding Text to a ListBox

    Using C# only, I have made a ListBox with TextBoxes (of Zone Descriptions). Works fine. How can I add Text in front of the TextBox that says Zone 1, Zone 2, etc'? I have created both TextBlocks and Strings, but can't get the Text to appear.

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    Re: Adding Text to a ListBox

    Quote Originally Posted by dodge55 View Post
    Using C#[...] TextBlocks and Strings, but can't get the Text to appear.
    This sounds like wpf
    In wpf, you must have a main container, inside which you can have other stuff and even nested containers.
    You should have your controls hosted in a container.
    You need to show us some of your code to get more help, but you can also find a sample of that stuff here
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    Re: Adding Text to a ListBox

    It's not WPF. It's only C#. I use WPF for some controls, but I want to use on the fly C# for different arrangements of the screen space. My code is:

    ListBox LBZoneDesc = new ListBox();
    LBZoneDesc.Width = 300;
    LBZoneDesc.Height = 240;

    ListBoxItem[] LBI = new ListBoxItem[64];
    for (byte i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    TBlkZoneDesc[i].Margin = new Thickness((i*10), 10, 0, 0);
    LBI[i] = new ListBoxItem();
    LBI[i].Padding = new Thickness(3);
    LBI[i].Margin = new Thickness(50, 0, 0, 0);
    LBI[i].Content = TBxZoneDesc[i]; // TextBox of User entered Zone Desc.
    // LBZoneDesc.Items.Add(TBlkZoneDesc[i]); // TextBlock of 'Zone i'

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