On 22, March, E-iceblue published new Spire.XLS Professional Edition Version 6.5. It is a little long period since E-iceblue published the last Spire.XLS Pro Edition Version. According to customersí suggestion, E-iceblue developers work hard and release this new version, which will give customers a better experience and meet more requirements of customers.

Based on the last Pro Edition Version, this new version adds new features and fixes small bugs which exist in last versions. New features include Excel sort feature, chart data preservation and pivot table improvement.

Following, details will be shown.

New features:

1. Support to sort data in Excel files. Sort feature is very useful for reorganizing data information with ascending or descending order. Spire.XLS Version 6.5 enables users to sort data in both vertical and horizontal direction. It means that users can sort data by both rows and columns or just by rows or columns.

2. Improve chart data preservation and pivot table for Excel 2003/2007/2010. In this new version, Spire.XLS improves these two functions based on last version.

Besides, Spire.XLS version 6.5 fixes some small bugs. One is to solve problems when reading and writing pivot table to ensure that users can operate pivot table more conveniently. The other is to fix bugs on cell formatting, calculating, formula, alignment etc. These fixes can enable users to create Excel files with more wonderful appearance and layout.

Main functions:

Spire.XLS enables users to operate Excel file for .NET and Silverlight without MS Excel automation, including basic operations (create, read, write and modify Excel), formatting, data importation/exportation, external content adding and conversion.

Basic Operation: Spire.XLS allows users to create a new Excel file and set its properties. Allow users to write and edit data in worksheet, including operation on cells, such as merge cells, add cells etc. Whatís more, it allows users to protect worksheet by encrypt whole Workbook or lock cells.

Data Importation/Exportation: Spire.XLS allows users to import data from Excel Workbook to data table or export data from database to Excel Workbook.

Formatting: Spire.XLS allows users to format cells, including format number, text, font style setting, alignment, borders, cell fill etc.

External Content: Spire.XLS allows users to insert contents in Excel worksheets, including image, chart, pivot table, comment, hyperlink etc.

Conversion(Only .NET): Spire.XLS allows users to convert Excel to other format files, such as Excel to PDF, Excel to HTML, Excel to CSV, Excel to Text, Excel to Image etc. Vice versa, other format files can be converted to Excel, such as XML to Excel, CSV to Excel etc.

Marker Designer: Spire.XLS allows users to use marker designer to export data to a template Excel file to realize create and print Excel in batch.

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Note: Actually, in last week, E-iceblue published Spire.Office version 2.0, which packs Spire.XLS version 7.0. This packed Spire.XLS version has the same functions with Spire.XLS Pro Edition Version 6.5. This version number is different because packed Spire.XLS is a special version which doesnít support to operate on Silverlight.