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    Question How to sort a hashtable?

    I have a hashtable with different words(key) and the number of times they occur(value).
    I want to sort it based on value in such a way that the word which occurs for the most no. of times appears first.How do I do so?

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    Re: How to sort a hashtable?

    Can you update the outdated hashtable into a generic collection like:
    System.Collections.Generic.SortedDictionary<> or
    System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<> ?

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    Re: How to sort a hashtable?

    This is impossible, it is not how a hashtable works. What you want to do is something like:

    Assuming you have a Dictionary<K, V> you can do something like:

    Dictionary<string, int> foo = GenerateDictionary ();
    List<string> resultsInOrder = foo.OrderBy (k => k.Value).Select (k => k.Key).ToList ();

    This will take all the KeyValuePairs in the dictionary, order them based on their value and finally select just the key component (the string part) and put them in a list.
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