Decoding FLV file into frames (compatible with HBITMAP data ) in C/C++ application on Windows 7

I am trying to write a C/C++ application which will take .FLV file as an input and will decode it frame by frame. In the same application, I already have data pointed by HBITMAP data structure (HBITMAP is a handle to Bitmaps), I want to decode frames of FLV file so that they are compatible with HBITMAP data type. I wish to simultaneously process HBITMAP that I already have and HBITMAP that I will get by decoding FLV .

I searched for answer on internet / this site. I found that ffmpeg, SDL are some libraries that could be useful but problem with these libraries is that they provide functions like play, pause. I want a library which could provide a function to decode FLV frame in HBITMAP compatible format.

Thanks in advance.