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    How to link points with polyline?


    I have been struggling with this for last one week. I am using wxWidgets and OpenGL. As I had mentioned in my previous thread,


    I want to implement a editing of polyline. There are a set of control points on the polyline and using these, editing has to be done. In my case, polyline is one type of object and point is another type of object. So how can I establish connection between these two? i.e. when point is picked and moved, if that point is a part of polyline, the corresponding line segments of polyline must also be updated on the fly as the mouse is being dragged.

    So how to do this? how to link points with arc. Right now points are moving along with mouse drag.


    Rakesh Patil

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    Re: How to link points with polyline?

    I just did a quick Google search ("join points in ESRI") and got a hit. You'll have to do the read up yourself, but at a glance. It looks to me like it will do the trick. Here ya go:

    Points to lines

    As for ignoring points, just make a seperate file and delete the points you want to ignore before you run the script. You'll still have them in the original file that way.

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    Re: How to link points with polyline?

    Once try this:

    "Create Feature from Text File" script.
    I found it listed in ArcToolbox>Samples>Data Management>Features.
    It requires a strictly formatted text file input and outputs a FeatureClass.

    Look up the input format in Help files and stick to the format.


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