Hi Everyone, happy to join the forums here!
I'm having one hell of a time with Serial Communication in VC++ (MultiThreading /Win32)

Here's the issue...
I have a USB Serial device that is reading a gyroscope and sending out Text to COM8 like this:

!ANG: 0.33, 0.22, 0.66
!ANG: 0.33, 0.22, 0.66

The data is flying into that COM port perfectly... I've gone through the Tutorial to make a Win32 CLR Application and that works perfectly too.

The problem is, I need to make this work with a Win32 /MT Application - When I try to tell VC++ to use the Common Language Library it says:
Command line error D8016: '/clr' and '/MT' command-line options are incompatible

When I use ReadFile(blah,blah,blaH) All I get is the bytes... I need the Text that it is sending!

I will seriously PayPal someone $10 for a beer if they can help me get the COM Port Data/Text working!