Let me start by saying that I've been an active member here for more than 10 years. I used to post a lot; I've done moderation, article reviewing and others. I've learned a lot here and I guess I helped others. I've made friends here. There was a time when my only online activity was codeguru. Simply, I love codeguru. No, I used to love codeguru. But not anymore; and I find that so sad. Let me tell you why.

Every update that was done to this site in the past two years or so had a negative impact on the site and on our experience here, whether we deliver content or just browse it. First it was the ads that messed the articles layout, then it was the forum update, then several updates to the main site, going from worse to worst. I have published tens of articles here. In fact I kept publishing only on codeguru. It was out of loyalty, because I always felt I was a small part of this site, of this community.

Ten years ago it was a community of enthusiasts committed to help each other. Nowadays it's all about unique visitors per month and clicks per ad. Cash is key, content doesn't matter and users' wishes are ignored. However, content generates traffic and traffic generates cash. Content and browsing experience should be the top priority.

Looking at the latest update I can only wonder whether the purpose is to kill codeguru or the company simply doesn't have people with enough creativity or just the ability to copy from others in order to make something simple and beautiful. Both possibilities are tragic. Codeguru used to be a top developer site. Today nobody regards codeguru as such. While competition progressed, codeguru regressed. Codeproject features great articles with a beautiful layout and stackoverflow is by far the most popular destination for finding answers to your problem. It's modern, it's simple, and it's appealing. They always end up in the top results in search engines. Where is codeguru? Really, where?

Codeguru is a dinosaur. It is an animal on the extinction list. It is a patient on life support. And it's dying. Slowly, but the outcome is inevitable. Every new update that you deliver is a fatal blow; a kick in the head with a blunt object. Can you make anything to save its life? Would a transplant work? I doubt it. Should you try it, remember you only have one shot. Make it count!

A few years from now, when codeguru will be only history I will be able to say, proudly, "I was part of that. I was a codeguru".

Marius Bancila aka cilu
A long time codeguru member