Hi, I'm new to Java networking and I need a huge help so I can create this TCP client- server and a proxy server.


The operation of a proxy server is straightforward: it relays data from the client to the (remote) server and data from the server to the client.

Specific Requirements

The proxy should accept a TCP connection request from a TCP client its port 8080. It should open a TCP connection with your chosen TCP server and connect the client with the server, and the server to the client using streams to provide by the Sockets created.

It is required that TCP communications from client to (remote) server are concurrent, with respect to TCP communications in the opposite direction.

Minimally, it should aim at building a system that involves the echo client sending messages via the proxy to a TCP echo server and correctly receiving the echoed messages.

The second capability of your proxy to be tested is whether an ordinary Web browser, can connect via your proxy to a well-known Web server such as http://bbc.co.uk and successfully display the page.

Can anyone create the code for me please?? THANKS A LOT !