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    Transfer Video from DVD to PCIe


    Beginner windows programmer here (plenty of embedded experience, but from what I can tell not much of it applies).

    Anyway, I have developed a PCIe add-in card that has the capability to display HD video (basically a custom graphics card). I would like to create a demo where I play a DVD on the host, and I transfer that video stream over the PCIe bus and display via my custom hardware.

    I have a little windows driver experience, and I think I can create a driver that will allow me to DMA a video frame buffer from the host to the PCIe card. What I am struggling with is - how do I get that data from the DVD, decode it and put it into a shared frame buffer.

    I imagine Windows must have APIs for reading/decoding DVD but I have no idea where to look or start. I am looking for the easiest and fastest way to do this using C++. Should I be looking at DirectX/3D or is there some other library that would be better for this task?


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    Re: Transfer Video from DVD to PCIe

    first buy a movie dvd; preferably one without decss reqs.

    dvd contents is encrypted on disc so you may not be able to do a simple copy-paste w it. if you can do it, you have one thats already decss`ed

    streaming dma data in windows has some channels that are protected and you cant put your finger in it. for example i wish to decrypt mpeg2 contents in hdtv broadcast but ... msdn ask me to send double reff to a decoder output, input et all, called pins to do a fifo wit contents

    ps. please share your project file because i wish try solder a few ic`s myself
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