COM communications via Socket programming
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Thread: COM communications via Socket programming

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    COM communications via Socket programming

    Hello, and sorry if this is not the right place to post.

    This is my situation:
    I have a serial device connected to the LAN through a TCP/IP-Serial port converter (Datacom ATC-1000). This converter is configured as a telnet server on a static IP address and port, and comm port settings like {1200,N,8,1}.

    I am able to communicate with the device from my PC without problems using Eltima Serial to Ethernet Connector 5.0 to create a virtual COM port, and the serial port class of .NET framework.

    My problem is: I'd like to skip completely the virtual COM port creation, and communicate directly with the TCP/IP-Serial port converter (and device) using socket programming (with System.Net.Sockets classes). Hyperterminal can do it establishing a TCP/IP (Winsock) connection to the converter.

    My question is: will I have communication problems due to baud rate issues ? (the device communicates only at 1200, while the socket classes send data at the maximum speed as possible as I know). If the answer is yes, how can solve the issue ? (for example, how can emulate a baud rate in socket communication ?)

    Thank you for your replies.


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    Resolved Re: COM communications via Socket programming

    Hello again.

    I can now answer the issue myself.. I've developed a simple test program that communicates with the ethernet/serial port converter using raw socket programming, and all is ok without warring about baud rate.

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