Please Assist!

Here is my situation:

I have VB6 running on a windows 7 machine. The program works as intended, however when i go to File > Make [program name] .exe file, the option appears to run correctly, i save the file, then when I attempt to run the program on a server, the associated services do not start.

I have my coworkers create the .exe file and it compiles correctly. None of them are running windows 7.

There is no error message that pops up, I was trying to find some event log that would indicate an issue, and i could not find that either (however I could be missing it, so if anyone can tell me exactly where the log messages regarding the compile are, I'd appreciate it!).

for VB6, i have SP6 installed. I was reading some other posts, and they referenced issues with VB6 and Windows 7 with SP1, which is also installed on my work machine.

If anyone could help me with this, it'd make me really happy. I just got a big promotion to this gig, and if i cant figure this out, its gonna make me look bad.