In My Application I have used tab control having three tab items and each tab is having one data grid. i am binding the data to the all the data grids in main page load method by retrieving data from web service.and the data is around nearly 800 rows in all the data grids. in every data grid there are 5 text columns ,0ne date picker column i.e. Template column, two combo boxes columns. i am binding data to the data picker and combo boxes in data grid loading row event.
Data grid loading row event is not geeting trigered only when we click on the tab item. so when we click on tab item it is taking time to move to the tab. what i have to do to improve the performance.i am facing performance issues because of following:1. Taking time to load the data. when any changes made in the any of the grid all the data grids are to updated so need to connect to data base every time and data grid loading row event to be triggered for all the 3 data grids.2. datagird loading event for all the data grids for all the rows i.e. around 800 rows is taking time. so how i can improve performance of my application. Please suggest me how i can do better.Any replies will help me lot.