Devart is glad to present the long-expected release of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server v.2.0 , that includes a vast of new features and enhancements turning the product into the indispensable assistant for application developers working with SQL Server.

Second release of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server comprises a lot of experience and a huge effort that was made to turn our product into the indispensable assistant for application developers that use SQL Server.
Data Studio is a worthy alternative to SQL Management Studio for the developers that create database-intensive applications and want to improve their working efficiency.

New features:

SQL Intellisense

Taking into account our users needs and expectations we have integrated the functionality of SQL Complete Express Edition into dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server. Owing to that, the new release introduces users to the following enhancements:

Context-sensitive code completion and object suggestions for SELECT, DML, DROP, EXEC, SET, and USE statements
Smart filtering of the suggestion list based on user input
Parameter information for functions
Quick object information available from SQL editor
SQL formatting with rich options (limited to the set of statements mentioned above)
A few other minor features
Query builder can now work with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Thanks to the Visual Query Builder users can create INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. Together with extending the types of edited queries, the general usability of the tool was improved and many bugs were fixed.
The updated query builder facilitates the process of creating queries and makes it even more intuitive.

Automated data report delivery

This feature enables users to set an automatic data report generation and delivery to a requester.

Reports' generation and delivery setup can be executed in the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular reports generation (Setup of report's generation and delivery can be executed in the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular reports generation) :

- A format for report generation can be chosen
- “Report delivery” method can be chosen: e-mail, ftp, shared folder

Data export to SQL statements

Possibility to export data to INSERT, UPDATE, and MERGE statements
Ability to export data from a table or data grid using a wizard
Quick export from data grid without opening wizard

Data Compare

New extended data reports
Custom query result comparison ( the results of specific queries can be compared)
“One-to-many” objects mapping when addressing columns that were separated as a table in the target database
Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask, which is useful when comparing groups of tables
Improved analysis of comparison results
Improved data synchronization

Convenient work with result sets of several SELECT queries

If there is more than one SELECT statement in a document, query results will be displayed on separate tabs in the Data window after execution.

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure Support

New release of Data Studio includes full support for new version of SQL Server and functionality allowing users to work with Microsoft Cloud SQL services, knows as SQL Azure.

Other improvements

User interface skins support is added


Consumers can give the updated dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server a test drive by downloading the 30-day trial edition at the product download page dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server v. 2.0 price starts at 199.95 $. Bundle discounts apply.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.

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