DrupalCon is a world-class official conference, which brings together international professionals working with Drupal platform . DrupalCon is not simple IT exhibition or conference. It is here a great experience is shared, which will become a breeding ground for the growth and development of any participating company. DrupalCon takes place twice a year presenting to a constantly increasing audience the latest achievements of Drupal community.

This was Denver's state-of-the-art Colorado Convention Center hosted DrupalCon. From March 19-23, 2012, DrupalCon was a heart of networking, learning and verve for the technology industry from all over the world. This conference accommodated huge number of very active and energetic Drupal developers and users in Denver, Colorado.

DrupalDriven's programmers, which took part in this conference, was invited to conversation, study and research all things Drupal. They participated in code sprints day, trainings day and three sessions days. The public events was scheduled throughout the entire week, some of them formally by DrupalCon, some by other community members and sponsors.

DrupalCon was a conference that addressed open standards which allow separate independent companies like DrupalDriven to communicate with each other. At the same time, the conference also highlighted the human impact in open data using.
As DrupalDriven is one of the companies, which actively use Drupal, so taking part in such a conference was a great chance to share experiences, study from others and engage the community.
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