Hi all,

I'm creating a specific DataGridView control that includes two scrollbars so that I can control their size and visibility. So, I have created a User control that contains the DataGridView and the two scrollbars inside a 2x2 TableLayoutPanel.

The issue I'm facing is that when I add my control to a Windows Form, I can't set my DataGridView's DataSource or define the column styles from the design view, because the link that I use for that when I use a common DataGridView (that little white arrow appearing on the top right side of the DataGridView) is not appearing.

While doing some testing, I saw that if I inherit my control from DataGridView, that link appears. But if I do that, I guess that I can only extend the functionality for the DataGridView, but I need my control to be a composite control.

So, that's my question: how can I get those design-time capabilities on my custom control? I am specially interested on the columns layout and the datasource.

Best regards.