Need help with xcode please...
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Thread: Need help with xcode please...

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    Need help with xcode please...

    Im developing a game where i need 18 animated images to fall into view from the top of the screen with 14 of type A visible and 4 of type B. I then need to be able to drag these items off screen or into a basket at the bottom of the screen.

    My current issues are:

    • I cant seem to drag the images off screen or to the basket when they are animated.
    • I cant make the images fall randomly with delay between them.
    • I was able to make the 18 appear, but not as listed above in the description with 14 of type A and 4 of type B.

    Im new to xcode and would greatly appreciate some help and guidance.

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    Re: Need help with xcode please...

    You seem new to OSX in general, so:

    OSX's GUI layer is called Aqua, and you can not interact with it with C or C++, it's Cocoa (Apple's language) only, so you will not be able to drag things around natively.

    And that "basket" at the bottom of the screen is called your Trash Can :P You can't interact with it in C++ (you could, but it's really messy... you have to pipe to AppleScript.)

    As for the animation, you give more into. What are you drawing with? OpenGL? What type of window do you have? GLUT? 2D, 3D? orthographic, frustum...?

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    Re: Need help with xcode please...

    well isnt the basis of xcode objective C?

    And this is for a gaming competition, im not the developer, im the game designer actually for the iphone game. but the developer i guess has to much pride to post on one of these forums and ask those who know better.

    Point is we are only allowed to use straight up xcode.

    we can interact with the falling images if they are not animated, but as soon as they are animated we cant interact with them.

    also the randomizing of the falling animations as well as setting the spawn rate of each type is standing in our way.

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