So I actually posted my question to StackOverflow, but did not really get an answer.

Basically, I want to write an image to disk in parallel with an algorithm that is processing that same image. The code is really simple:
string ProcessImage(System::Drawing::Bitmap ^bmp, System::String^ targetFile)
    System::Drawing::Bitmap^ bmp8 = BitmapConvertPixelFormat(bmp, 8); //<-- a function I wrote which converts the 32bpp I am passed into an 8bpp one
    string results = Analyze(bmp8); //<--- takes a good bit of time
    return results;

What would be the fastest way to do this? Please let me know of any libraries you recommend with a code sample. I would prefer one that is within .NET or native C++ just to avoid having to link into many different libraries.

Thanks in advance!