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I currently working on an application which reproduces screen outputs of an embedded device (running Windows CE) on a Windows 7 .NET application.

On the mobile device a .NET CF application is running. It has a normal GUI. It also contains many texts.

My job is to create a .NET application for Windows 7 which creates pixel identical "clones" of the screens of the embedded device application.

The embedded device application uses the Graphics.MeasureString() and Graphics.DrawString() function for text lengths (alignment) calculation and drawing.

When I use the same function calls in the Windows 7 .NET application IŽll find that results of both functions are different to those on the embedded application. I also tried to use the TextRenderer class, but there also are differences.

Is there any chance to get the Windows 7 application to have same graphical text results as the embedded application?

Thank you for your ideas!