First let me say I am very new to programming, but I have some basics covered from the tutorials I have read on this site.

I am trying to write a program that will add to the functionality of another program. The program I am trying to improve is called pokerstars; it does not run within a browser. PokerStars, is a program that allows poker players to play against each other online for real or play money. It has a feature that allows you to take notes on players. There are six positions on the table and to take a note, you must double click on the players name and enter the note you wish to enter, and it is automatically saved.

The idea I have is to automate this process with predefined notes. I would like to able to assign the notes by holding down a number and then a hotkey which has a note associated with it. For example, I would like to be able to hold down the number '1' and the letter 'm' and have it enter the note "Maniac" for the player who is in position one. The process to normally do this without writing a program would be to double click on the persons name who is in position '1' and type out the word "Maniac".

I believe I can use most of the code, and or techniques shown in the video below, but the video is for changing a number value, not a string. I realize that I may be so new that I may not even be asking the right questions. I am just looking for a semi-simple project to work on to improve my programming skills and I figured that simple program like this would be a good place to start. Thanks for taking the time to read this; I appreciate it.