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    Question PasswordRecovery Control Problem

    A little background first, sorry if it's long-winded:

    My WEB site uses the ASP.NET Membership and Authentication system. I used that "aspnet_regsql" utility to generate an SQL script for me which I ran against the database and it installs all the tables and relationships that you need to use this system.

    So, I've successfully implemented the Login control. I converted it to a template and added a few things including a link button for "I forgot my password".

    I implemented that "Password Recovery" control as well - also converting to template and making some minor cosmetic changes. This control is working fine except for one thing:

    The PasswordRecovery control contains THREE view Templates:

    • UserNameTemplate
    • QuestionTemplate
    • SuccessTemplate

    In the UserNameTemplate, the user enters his/her UserName and clicks "Submit". If the user name is found in the database, it automatically switches to the QuestionTemplate.

    Now, what if the user changes their mind, for whatever reason, about recovering their password?

    I added an extra button to the QuestionTemplate, "Cancel", but it's not so simple. I can go back to the Login interface, but if I select "I forgot my password" again, it takes me back to the QuestionTemplate. I don't want this. I want it to go to the UserNameTemplate and start over again.

    I cannot figure out how to reset or clear or somehow FORCE the PR control to restart at UserNameTemplate. I have been searching through the documentation for the better part of a day and looked at many web sites and tutorials explaining how to use this control, but there is nothing about how to put this control back into it's initial state.

    Can anyone help me with this or make a suggestion?
    Greatly appreciated in advance.

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    Re: PasswordRecovery Control Problem

    Did you figure this out, I’m facing the same problem. How is the PasswordRecovery control to be reset to show the UserNameTemplate?

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    Re: PasswordRecovery Control Problem

    Anyone?? Please!

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