I am trying to use a typed data set so I can refer to the column names with out referring to the index value or a string match of the column name.

Here is how I have my test code setup. I create an object of my data set that I built with the wizard in VS. I created a table called Jobs and added to columns "Name and "FirstRun".

You can see below I can see the table "Jobs". When I go to create a datarow which is matched to the scheme I should be able to do anyRow.ColumnName, and modify directly but I cant access it. I did attach two screen shots that show the accessors but I cant seem to access them.

Maybe I am way off on what I am trying to achieve but I have been spinning my wheels on this for a good hour.

            JobDBDataSet jobDBDataSet = new JobDBDataSet();

            DataRow anyRow = jobDBDataSet.Jobs.NewRow();