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    Question C++ adding new string into existing file


    I have created a list class, that allows the user to create or edit a text file with a list of information inside the .txt file. When I read into the alphabet.txt (a .txt with a list of all the letters), it prints out the letter "z" twice. The editing that the user does is shown between the two "z's." I'm attaching a picture that explains my dillemna.
    Another problem is when I print the contents of the file, it does not print the contents of the entire file.

    Thank You in advance.

    below is a chunk of my List.cpp file.

    void List::EditText()
    char nameoffile[60];
    char a[50][100];
    string line;
    ifstream thefile;
    ofstream myFile;
    cout <<"The following files are available for editing: \n";
    cout <<"alphabet.txt\n";
    cout <<"buildings.txt\n";
    cout <<"engineering.txt\n";
    cout<< "Name the .txt file that you wish to open\n";
    cin.getline(nameoffile, 60);
    cout << "Below displays the content of the file you selected" << endl << endl;


    thefile >> myfile;
    cout << myfile<< " " << endl;
    thefile >> myfile;

    int response, i;
    cout << "Enter the number of entries you would like to edit" << endl;
    cin >> response;
    myFile.open(nameoffile, fstream::app);
    cout << endl;
    for(i=0; i < response; i++)
    cout << "Enter your item" << endl;
    cin >> a[i];
    myFile << a[i] << endl;

    cout<< "the new file will read\n";

    for(i=0; i < response; i++)
    cout << a[i] << endl;

    cout << myfile; // does not print content that is actually in the file
    thefile >> myfile;
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