I need two combo boxes in a singel frame
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Thread: I need two combo boxes in a singel frame

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    I need two combo boxes in a singel frame

    Hi guys am trying to add two comboboxes in a frame. but am getting the problem in that. Kindly help me. i have tried many things but couldn't rectify the problem.

    public class IndexPerformanceView extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
        private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
        private IndexPerformanceControl model;
        private Box filter;
        private JComboBox xchg;
        private JComboBox chgtype;
        private JFrame jframe;
        private Object ContentPane;
        public static int selectedindex;
    public IndexPerformanceView() {
            model = new IndexPerformanceControl();
            this.getContentPane().add(model, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
            xchg = new JComboBox(new String[] { "NSE" });
            this.getContentPane().add(xchg, BorderLayout.CENTER);
            chgtype = new JComboBox(new String[] { "Change%", "Change" });
            this.getContentPane().add(chgtype, BorderLayout.EAST);
            this.setTitle("IDX Performance");
            this.setBounds(100, 100, 600, 480);
    I am trying to add two comboboxes xchg and chgtype at the top of the frame. but when i do it am getting the problem. I will send you the screenshot..
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    Re: I need two combo boxes in a singel frame

    Why are you adding chgtype to both labelpanel and to the root pane and what is labelpanel, it isn't declared anywhere.
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