I'm trying to print Code 128 C type barcode (as type A/B would be too wide for my requirements) through Epson TM-H6000III receipt printer using OPOS Common Controls 1.8. My code is written in C++.

Normally, I print the barcode using the following code snippet:

const LONG PTR_BCS_Code128 = 110;
lOposBarcodeType = PTR_BCS_Code128;
lReturn = m_PosPrinter.PrintBarCode(2,*lpszTextline,lOposBarcodeType,120,5,PTR_BC_CENTER,PTR_BC_TEXT_BELOW);

Here, *lpszTextline represents the data to be printed as barcode.

From suggestions found online, I tried to make the following changes to print the barcode in Code 128 C format:

const LONG PTR_BCS_Code128_Parsed = 123;
lOposBarcodeType = PTR_BCS_Code128_Parsed;
lReturn = m_PosPrinter.PrintBarCode(2,*lpszTextline,lOposBarcodeType,120,5,PTR_BC_CENTER,PTR_BC_TEXT_BELOW);
and tried to format the barcode data in various ways:

- Leading "{C"
- Leading "{C", trailing "H"
- Making no. of characters in the data even

But none of the ways worked. It always resulted in OPOS_E_ILLEGAL error with ResultCodeExtended = 300003. I cannot find more information about the extended code in the Internet either.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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