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Thread: Out of memory exceptions in c# 4.0

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    Out of memory exceptions in c# 4.0

    For some days I have been trying to optimize an image processing program (cropping, rotate, changing brightness and undo) written in c# 4.0. Getting suggestions from google I have optimized the code in many ways. At first some disposable objects hadnít been disposed thatís why exception was shown. But I have tried to dispose all disposable objects. Still the program is showing out of memory exceptions. Thatís why I have uploaded the program for better solutions. Please download from the link

    My machine configuration: Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP service pack 3

    Follow the steps:

    Run the program

    Load multiple images (at least 6) (each image is 3.5 MB or greater)

    Double click on an image, crop (right click) and save. Do the same operation for other images. See what happens. It will show out of memory exceptions.

    If any other operations (e.g. changing brightness) is done repeatedly (again and again) then it also shows out of memory exception.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

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    Re: Out of memory exceptions in c# 4.0

    Have you tried to track memory allocations?
    I actually don't know if this is possible at all in C#, but for C++ there are several tools/libraries that will record every memory allocation and show you later which ones have not been released.

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    Re: Out of memory exceptions in c# 4.0

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