I am willing to teach anyone who is interested C++ and the SFML 2.0 API used to make games. Classes will be held over Skype or GoogleTalk and TeamViewer will be used for real time collaboration and help. Payments will be based on an hourly rate and PayPal will be used for secure transactions. You set how many hours you want me to teach, then pay half the amount to me. Once the lesson is done and the appropriate amount of hours are up, you pay the rest to me. If you are interested please email me at sarim.janjua2013@gmail.com

Payment rate: $10/hour

Students will begin the classes by learning the basics of C++ if they don't already. This includes:

- Understanding of basic theory

- Variables

- Loops

- Conditional Statements

- Functions

- Classes, structures, enumerations, etc.

- Pointers

- Containers/Lists

- Arrays

- More will be added as the classes go in case i feel as though you need to know something else

After a solid foundation has been built with an understanding of C++, students will move onto the next phase and begin to learn game development through the use of the SFML 2.0 API. The ultimate goal of all the lessons combined is to allow the student to make games by themselves with little help if any. Topics for this part of the class that will be taught are:

- Basic game structure

- Rendering sprites

- Player input

- Basic physics
- Game audio/music
- More will be added and taught as needed

The lesson style that I use to teach involves making students write many small programs that involve concepts that they are currently learning. They will write, test, then rewrite similar programs many times until they know the concepts by heart and are capable of moving on to the next lesson. Each lesson is in essence a small puzzle piece. Once students learn enough concepts, a sort of "test" will be issued which requires students to create a simple game incorporating all of the concepts they have learned thus far.

Many people might say that they can just learn from the internet and go on youtube or search forums. That is true, however you won't get the same experience of working with another person in real time who will talk to you and guide you through the whole process. If you get stuck then I'm there to tell you what you did wrong and what you can do to fix it. You can't get the same experience and learn at the same rate as you would learning from me if you just rely on the internet.

A little bit about me for those who are curious. I am a student and I plan on getting my degree in Computer Science and continue on to become a Software Engineer. These classes that I am offering are not expensive at all, especially considering how much professional classes are. I have experience making games with small indie teams but none were ever finished due to various reasons. I have enough understanding and knowledge about C++ and Game Development to teach those who desire help from me.

An additional note, I live in the United States, EST Time. Please take that into account in case you live somewhere else in the world as timing will be difficult if not thought of before hand.