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    Audio frequency graph

    Hi masters in programming. I am a final year student in physics. I am trying to make an audio measurement program that will connect through a TMS320C542 DSKPLUS board from Texas Instrument by using C++ and i just started to do programming. I am so lost..

    I have this code with me that should show the graph of frequency when an audio is being recorded in real time. It cant really connect through a DSP yet because i still cant figure out how.

    This code i have should show the audio input's frequency through the PC soundcard. But then assertion failed error keep on coming out whenever i tried to build it. I am using Windows 98 OS pc and Visual Basic 6.0.

    This is the line that shows about assertion failed:

    // Begin sampling
    m_bRecording = TRUE;
    m_hThread = CreateThread(NULL,NULL,RecorderThreadFunc,this,NULL,NULL);
    ASSERT(m_hThread != NULL); (the line with assertion failed error)
    void Recorder::Stop()
    if(!m_bDeviceOpen || !m_bRecording)
    if(waveInStop(m_hWaveIn) != MMSYSERR_NOERROR)

    And at the call stack view, there are these sentences that i cant understand:

    Recorder::Start() line 182 + 34 bytes
    CWaveInFFTDlg::OnInitDialog() line 212
    AfxDlgProc(HWND__ * 0x000009d8, unsigned int 272, unsigned int 2568, unsigned int 2568) line 35 + 14 bytes
    KERNEL32! bff7363b()
    KERNEL32! bff94407()

    And i would like to ask for suggestion on how to make it able to communicate with the target DSKPLUS board through a parallel port. The DSK board i been using is obsolete now so i cant get any help from the TI page..

    I've been googling for 3 months plus and still cant find the solution. Hope u all can help me

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    Re: Audio frequency graph

    Since m_hThread is NULL the call to CreateThread failed. Call GetLastError to find out why.
    See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...53(VS.85).aspx
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